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When you need your plumbing lateral lines inspected or located, look no further than Ground Floor Home Inspection, Inc., Colorado's leader in Residential video documentation to IPC standards. Our sewer inspector (Mainline Services) is the best and most respected in the industry.


We are partnered with professional plumbing inspectors to deliver the highest quality service. We believe a professional plumbing inspector is the best choice for your sewer inspection.

- Our inspectors are trained and certified to IPC standards with full knowledge of flow concepts, pipeline materials, excavation construction and code requirements.

- Unbiased reporting.

- We do not perform repairs or installations.

- Largest viewing screens in the industry.

- Monthly calibrated equipment for inspection accuracy.

- Varied portfolio of residential, commercial and industrial investments.

- Field work includes wells, septic systems, fiber optic lateral lines, cable lines, power shell lines and new construction.

- Inspections performed to legal judicial standards.

- Full two-hour complete inspections.

- Included, line locates both external and internal for tracking and installations.

- Accurate inspections guaranteed.

- Digitized report with private secured link of your inspection.

- All reports are stored for one year for easy data retrieval.

- Owner/manager consultations for difficult inspections for quick resolutions.

- Full uniform and badge identification for client safety.

- All inspectors are individually insured.

- Our professional plumbing inspectors meet all established criteria to perform inspections in phase and new construction sites.

- No charge for crawl spaces, roof or difficult entries.

- Free toilet pulls and resets, including the wax ring.

- Free extraction of brass access plugs from cast iron lines with replacement plugs. All materials and supplies to complete the job are included (The average plumber costs are $85 to $150).

- Flat rate inspection fee with no sales, no upcharges and no kickback fees from vendors. Outskirt fees apply.

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