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A Quality Home Inspection!

Not all home inspections, or home inspectors, are created equally. An exceptional home inspector will cover features and systems in the home in order to uncover underlying issues, thus enabling the buyer to feel confident in knowing about their investment. A quality home inspection will produce a report noting any potential problems or issues needing addressed in order to make sure the home is safe. A home inspection will focus on health, fire, safety and major defects and is a tool to ensure the buyer is taken care of and in good hands, and can rest assured their new home will offer the comfort and safety a home owner wants.

Safety is a huge issue for home buyers, especially if they have, or are planning, a family. Features ranging from electrical to structural issues are hugely important. Other inspections that a quality inspector may offer are radon testing, water quality testing, along with advice on testing for mold. In the event a buyer is purchasing an “as-is” property or a foreclosure, a detailed home inspection will let the buyer know if systems in the home are still intact. Sometimes home components (i.e. copper plumbing lines and HVAC systems) have been taken and a buyer will need to know the property is still in operating condition before closing. Finding out about missing home components will help a buyer or investor forecast what it might cost in labor and materials to get a home back up to operating standards. A good inspector will note the age of the components in a property so the buyer can know when to expect to replace or upgrade the furnace, for example. The inspection report should detail areas where the inspector feels the component should be checked by a certified professional contractor, and should also contain photos of what needs checked out by that professional. One last note about safety is that most insurance companies will not insure a property if conditions are found that deem a property unsafe. A quality home inspection will help.

A home inspection is an incredibly useful tool for a buyer and his or her agent. If a buyer is set to purchase a home and a costly issue is uncovered by the home inspector, the inspection report detailing the problems can be used as a way the buyer can opt out of an offer to purchase. The inspection report can be used to negotiate the best deal for a buyer. If the report reveals substantial cost and work is needed, the buyer and agent can use this to bargain in favor of the buyer. The home inspection will help the buyer weigh whether the property is still a good investment after costs for repair, or if any issues revealed about the home are deal-breakers. The inspection report should be used to help get a complete picture of the operating health of a home before purchase so the buyer knows what he’s getting into beforehand.

A home is a huge purchase and the process to buy a property can be a source of anxiety. A quality home inspection will give the buyer much-needed peace of mind moving forward in a real estate transaction.

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