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Why You Should Hire a Home Inspection Service Before or After a Renovation Project

Say you just hired a construction company to take on your home improvement project. You feel the company is competent, you have read their reviews, and have seen their other work. You approve the plans and cannot wait for the project to get finished.

One major mistake many homeowner’s make is naively trusting their construction builders to complete the project correctly. Since you are likely ignorant to what is proper during the construction process, and do not know what it should look like at various stages, it may seem all normal. You would never know if they are doing a horrible job without professional advice from a home inspector.

It can be easy to get through the process as quickly and cheaply as possible. We recommend that you slow down. It is better to pay a little more money to get the job done right the first time with quality, then find out later that the project was poorly built with shortcuts taken.

Why You Should Hire a Home Inspector when Updating/Renovating your Home

A home inspection service like ours can help you to make sure the project is being done right the first time, simultaneously or right after the construction work. You need to be careful and make sure the project is of high quality, with no shortcuts or corners taken, or risk paying even more money later to fix the poor work. Our service will inspect every stage of the project to make you feel at ease before the problem gets out of hand.

If you decide to trust your construction contractor without a third-party inspection service during the project, and something does go wrong in the future, it can lead to major damages in which you likely have to file a home insurance claim to fix.

It has been noted that even filing one insurance claim can dramatically increase your home insurance rates forever by hundreds of dollars per month.Not to mention having to pay thousands of dollars on the deductible before your claim even kicks in to pay for the poor construction work.

Hiring a home inspection service will mitigate the need to file a home insurance claim, saving you time and money.

Here are some examples when you should hire a home inspection expert during a home improvement project:

When Adding Another Room

Many home upgrade projects will add square footage to your home. This can increase the value of your home dramatically. Being a large-scale project, our home inspection services will make sure everything is built correctly to industry standards.

Since part of your insurance policy covers the square footage, any upgrade will require a policy update.This will prevent your home insurance from covering less than the market value.

However, if you must file a claim to fix the addition, you are going to have a much harder time going through the claims process to fix the home addition damage because of incompetence by your construction company. You may have to hire a lawyer to get the full claim payout as your insurance company will likely argue that it was built poorly, therefor allowing them to not cover the full amount. Your insurance company can even argue to deny the claim altogether.

Building Materials

It can be hard to tell what materials your construction builders are using. If you hired someone who is cheap and cuts corners, they may use inexpensive materials to save money.

Our inspection services can sniff out the use of cheap materials during the process, to prevent future problems of depreciation and faulty materials. You may find that your construction company is lying which materials they are using to increase their profit from the job. We can call them out if they are.

Plumbing and Electrical

The US Fire Administration states there are an average of 28,600 electrical fires very year. A home upgrade is an excellent time to update electrical wiring and plumbing systems. Old plumbing and electrical are the prime cause of home insurance claims. You want to make sure your house is safe to prevent fire damage because if your wires ever caused a fire and it was due to faulty installation, you might have to take your insurance company to court to get them to pay to replace the damage. We can spot poor installation to prevent fire damage.

Theseare just some of the specific cases in which you should hire a home inspection service while you hire a construction company. Our inspection services can work with your contactor to make sure they are putting their best effort and due diligence on the project. Whenever you’re considering a home renovation, contact us and see what we can do for you.

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