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Finding and Fixing Common Wiring Issues at Home

Burrned Receptacle

The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) estimates over 51,000 home fires are ignited each year due to some form of electrical problem. This is, on average, nearly 1,000 homes impacted each and every week. Most of these issues are started by some form of problem like old, poorly installed or faulty wiring. Problem wiring should be remediated immediately; but what exactly does faulty or bad wiring look like? Is this an issue you can resolve yourself, or will you need professional assistance? How dangerous is bad wiring?

In this guide, readers will learn some common symptoms of faulty wiring. You'll learn how to identify and resolve common issues associated with old wiring. We'll discuss the difference between aluminum and copper wiring and safety issues every homeowner should be aware of.

Your home may have common wiring issues and you may not even know it. Here is how to better notice signs of faulty wiring and the steps that can be taken to resolve it.

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