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Tips for Picking a Qualified Professional Home Inspector

Tips for Picking a Qualified Professional Home Inspector

Colorado is becoming increasingly popular, meaning that if you want to sell your home, you should be able to do so easily, right? The answer is complicated. When people think of selling a home, they sometimes forget how detrimental an inspection gone wrong can be to the process. In many cases, if a buyer and seller can’t agree on fixing items found at the inspection or something significant was found, the contract between the buyer and the seller can be broken. This puts the seller back to square one. Avoid the headache of having to start the real estate process overdue to a failed inspection by hiring someone to perform a pre-listing inspection. Here’s how to pick one.

Why a Pre-Listing Inspection?

There are quite a few different types of home inspections, but a pre-listing home inspection will help you find if there are any pieces of your home that are worth repairing before selling your home. Some of these items might include issues related to roofing, foundation, plumbing, and electrical. Knowing what these issues are will be critical to how the rest of the sale turns out. If you choose not to make these repairs, you’ll likely have to adjust your listing price and will need to disclose these repairs to the buyer.

Use the Internet

One tool that we use pretty consistently is the internet, and that’s a great tool if you use it wisely. When browsing the internet for a home inspector, be aware of what they offer in terms of services (too many services isn’t always good), what their reviews are, and what credentials they have. The inspector should be a member of either ASHI or InterNACHI and keep up on their continuing education. Reviewing an example inspection report from the home inspection company is a great idea. Remember, a failed home inspection can lead to the buyer breaking the contract with you. Browse several sites of local inspection companies, make a note of the ones that stick out, and then do some more research. Sites like Angi allow you to see the reviews, pricing, and more details about specific companies.

Ask Your Realtor

Another place to find a qualified home inspector is by simply asking your real estate agent. Chances are, you’ve already built a relationship, and they understand what your goals are. They’ll be able to provide you with a few options of companies based on who they’ve worked with and who others in their circle may have also had luck with. If you’re struggling with finding an inspection company, your agent will be able to provide you with some insight as well as give you many other tips for a speedy sale.

Consult Friends and Family

If you’re still weighing your options for a home inspection company, reach out to friends and family who have also gone through the process of selling a home. They’ll be able to provide you a rundown of all of the services the company was able to provide as well as a rundown of the overall experience. You can also use social media to reach friends and followers within your network. Once you have a list, make some calls and find your perfect inspection company.

A good inspection company will provide services that will only make the real estate process less painful. If you’re getting ready to buy or sell your home in Colorado Springs, we have you covered at Ground Floor Home Inspection. Schedule an inspection with us today!


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