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Radon! Let’s clear the air!

The legitimacy of Radon‘s existence has been a hotly contested argument for years. Some people try to prove that Radon doesn’t exist or that it’s no big deal. At the same time, others will plead their case to impress upon us the danger of Radon. Passion is a powerful tool. If either point is proven, are we solving a problem or boosting an ego? Who wins or loses the argument?

While there are many myths about Radon, I won’t get into them today. So what are the facts?

What is Radon? Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas from the breakdown of uranium or thorium in the soil. Radon gas is inert, colorless, and odorless. Therefore, you might say it is similar to carbon monoxide in that you won’t know of its presence unless you test for it.

WARNING! Listen carefully! I’ll explain!

In and of itself, radon gas is not dangerous, BUT here’s the catch… radon gas changes state.

Remember, the elements started as uranium or thorium. As part of the radioactive decay process, Radon gas is produced. Radon gas does not stay stable. Unfortunately, it further breaks down into radioactive elements, referred to as radon progeny, polonium 218, polonium 214, and lead 214. Radon progeny can attach to dust or other particles that allow it to be inhaled into the lungs. This radioactive radon progeny damages the lungs and can lead to lung cancer over time. Combined with smoking, and other environmental hazards, the risk of cancer increases.

GOOD NEWS! Ground Floor Home Inspection can test for Radon. We have State licensed Radon Measurement Professionals waiting to serve you! Call us today to schedule your appointment at 719-641-1555.

Radon can be controlled. A state-licensed Radon Mitigation Professional can evaluate and install the correct mitigation system to lower the level of Radon to meet or exceed the recommended level set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

By Walter Kruger, Senior Professional Home Inspector and Colorado Licensed Radon Technician


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