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Common Repair Issues That Should Not Be Deal Breakers: A House-Hunter's Guide

Should you buy a home that needs repairs? The answer to this question depends on many variables, including how much time you have and whether you are equipped to make the repairs yourself. You should also be aware that not every needed repair is immediately visible or obvious.

Sometimes projects you think will be simple snowball into significant renovations. Nevertheless, when you are home shopping, you should not necessarily say no to a fixer-upper. With a professional inspection report from Ground Floor Home Inspection in hand, these tips should give you a good idea of what's worth taking on and what to avoid.

Cosmetic problems are usually easy to fix. Sometimes a house may look unappealing or dated simply because of minor problems or aesthetic issues you can handle yourself.

● If the light fixtures, handles, knobs, or other hardware look dingy or tacky or are in disrepair, these are typically items you can switch out yourself. Or, if you don't feel up to it, hiring a repair or construction professional to do it for you will be simple and inexpensive.

● When you complete cosmetic repairs or upgrades, sanitize the work area with

some natural cleaners to finish the job.

● Ugly colors, dirty walls, and peeling paint may make a home look dingy and unattractive. But try imagining the same walls with fresh paint and trim in attractive shades, and you may realize that this is the home for you.

● Similarly, ugly or outdated flooring can harm a home's appearance. But this is

usually easy to correct. If putting in wood or tile flooring is not in your budget, there are

affordable and stylish alternatives like laminate or luxury vinyl tile.

If you plan to make a career of flipping houses or doing cosmetic repairs, be sure to establish an LLC in Colorado with the help of a formation company.

● Don't be deterred by a sub-par exterior or bad landscaping. Yes, a messy or overgrown yard kills curb appeal. But these are also usually aesthetic issues that you can tend to yourself or with the help of landscaping experts.

● If the fencing in or around the lawn is inadequate or in disrepair, look for local fence

companies and ask about affordable and attractive options. If you need fencing to contain a pet or keep a play area safe, make sure you communicate this to them.

● A dying lawn, bedraggled plants, and messy garden plots may make a property look bad, but these are eyesores you can deal with on your own if you enjoy gardening and lawn work. If you have a more extensive project involving land removal or retaining walls, consider calling in a landscaping company.

Some projects may be a little more work but still, be completely worth it. Even if you have to call a professional to take care of these repairs or updates, they can significantly improve the comfort and appearance of your home without the high cost.

● When windows or doors need to be replaced, hiring a contractor is often wise to ensure they are hung and fit correctly.

● If the drywall is cracked or crumbling, this might be something you can deal with yourself. But if the damage is extensive or on the ceiling, you may be better off letting a professional handle it.

● Some plumbing, wiring, or ventilation problems can easily be repaired. Still, having

an expert evaluate the situation is best to ensure the damage isn't widespread or connected with structural issues.

There are red flags that indicate a significant problem.

● If the house's foundation is cracked or bulging, this may indicate a significant structural issue that might not even be repairable. Sometimes problems with a home are extensive, costly, and even dangerous. And they may only sometimes be noticeable. Here are a few warning signs to be aware of.

● Look out for signs of mold. Once mold gets into a home, it is challenging to eradicate. And dangerous mold isn't just unsightly: it is a health hazard and can cause the deterioration of structural materials.

In short, there are plenty of cases when buying a home as-is makes sense. Some problems have a simple fix, and not all renovation projects have to be laborious and pricey. But do go into the buying process aware and consult professionals when uncertain.

To help you come to grips with the potential pitfalls of a house you're considering buying,

contact the experts at Ground Floor Home Inspection today! Image via Pixabay


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