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Personal Safety


Safety should be something on each of our minds when we enter a house with a client.

Is there danger already in the house? Can you trust your client? Where should you park when you get to a house? Are you safe at your Open House? Does someone know where you are?

It’s sad that we must ask these questions, but it is important that we do.

I have a dear friend who is an expert in the field of safety and has developed a free presentation for realtors and property managers. Daniel has many years of teaching and does an awesome job. I asked him to write up an explanation of what he offers in a safety class. His basic presentation is free (hard to beat that price).

The time to practice and learn safety is before we need it!

Here is information about the safety class:

This presentation concentrates on keeping real estate agents safe in their work environment, in the field and in the office. There are two basic formats for this presentation. The first is for real estate agents, the second is for property managers, or if the audience is a mix, the two can be blended.

The presentation concentrates on tactics and methods to keep an individual safe and minimize any threat to their person and to their business. While I am primarily a firearms safety and personal protection instructor, the Realtor Safety Presentation is not a gun-training course. It deals exclusively with how to minimize risk.

There is no charge for this presentation, but is a public service program that I have developed.

Call Daniel today to schedule your class!

Daniel C. Lanotte, President and Chief Instructor - Falcon Personal Security, 719-661-1318

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